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How to Install and fix Blogger Premium News template Basnetg Big News for Blogger

Published on: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 // , ,

Demo and Download  Here

How to install Basnetg Big News template for Blogger

  1. Download the template .
  2. Upload template to blogger .
  3. To change Logo or Site Name:
  4.  Find the code:  
         <div class='header'
       <h1><a href=''>Big News Times</a></h1>        <h2>Basnetg</h2> 
5. Then change to your Site name and logo with Big News Times and Basnetg that I highlighted with black.

6. To add your 468x60 ads on right site of header find this code
     <div class='bannertop'>            <a href=''><img alt=' - Premium WordPress Themes' border='0' src=''/></a>                   </div>
Here I've used banner ads with image link but if you would like to add google adsense then put your adsense code i.e. parsed adsense code within

 <div class='bannertop'>            your adsense code goes here            </div>

it means replace your 468x60 adsense code with 

<a href=''><img alt=' - Premium WordPress Themes' border='0' src=''/></a> 
8. Change top top right links
<div class='toplinks'><a href=''>Login</a> | <a href=''>Contact</a></div>
change all black link and name for your.

9.Now make search box to search for your site content.To do this find this code:

<div class='topsearch'>
            Now you will find code like below:

<div class='topsearch'>
            <form action='' method='get'>
Now change your blog url in above code <form action='your-blog-url' method='get'>

10. To change menu links and name find this code:

<div class='menu'> 

and change all the menu link url and name to your.

11. To edit sidebar find the code below and edit what you need to edit

<ul class='sidebar'>

12. to fix label find this code

label1 = "news";Title1 = "WORLD NEWS";

change all label name within inverted comas, to your content labels

there are 12 labels and  titles

Happy blogging!
Please feel free to share your opinion , make comment and share idea, 

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This is basnetg-Big news blog

Published on: Monday, March 19, 2012 //
This is basnetg-Big news blog

No Injuries After Plane Crashes in Guyana

Published on: Saturday, July 30, 2011 // ,

गुयानामा जहाज दुर्घटना, कुनै मानवीय क्षति भएन
Flight 523 from New York had just touched down and passengers were applauding the pilot's landing in the South American country Saturday when something suddenly went wrong.
The Boeing 737-800 slid off the end of a rainy runway, crashed through a chain-link fence and broke in half just short of a deep ravine. Yet all 163 people on board survived.
Officials were starting to probe the cause of the crash even as they marveled at the lack of fatalities.(See how to survive a plane crash.)
"We must be the luckiest country and luckiest set of people in the world to escape so lightly," said Health Minister Leslie Ramsammy, who said more than 30 people were taken to the hospital. Only three of those had to be admitted for a broken leg, bumps, cuts and bruises.
The Caribbean Airlines plane had left John F. Kennedy International Airport Friday evening and made a stop in Trinidad before landing in Guyana. The airline said it was carrying 157 passengers and six crew members.
Geeta Ramsingh, 41, of Philadelphia, recalled how applause at the arrival quickly "turned to screams." "The plane sped up as if attempting to take off again. It is then that I smelled gas in the cabin and people started to shout and holler," she said.
When the plane crumpled to a stop, Ramsingh said she hopped onto the wing and then onto the dirt road outside the runway fence. "A fellow who was trying to escape as well mistakenly jumped on my back and that is why my knees are bruised," she said. "So I am in pain, but very thankful to be alive."
Nobody had yet showed up to rescue her, "but a taxi driver appeared from nowhere and charged me $20 to take me to the terminal. I had to pay, but in times of emergencies, you don't charge people for a ride," she said, sitting on a chair in the arrival area surrounded by relatives. She was returning to her native country for only the second time in 30 years.(See pictures of a firey plane crash in Buffalo, N.Y.)
Adis Cambridge, 42, of Guyana, said she felt the thump of a hard landing but did not think much of it until seconds later. "I realized that everything was on top of me, people and bags. I was the second to last person to get off that plane in the dark," she said, surrounded by her two young children who had come to the airport to meet her after a brief holiday in the U.S. "I hit my head on the roof. It was so scary," she said, and described jumping from the wing to the dirt road below as crews with flashlights and beams from fire engines searched for passengers. "I thought I would have died. I just started to cry," she said.
The plane came to rest off the end of the 7,400-foot (2,200-meter) runway at Cheddi Jagan International. Authorities struggled at first to remove passengers without adequate field lights and other emergency equipment. The plane stopped a little short of a 200-foot (60-meter) ravine that could have resulted in dozens of fatalities, said President Bharrat Jagdeo. "We are very, very grateful that more people were not injured," said Jagdeo, who came to the crash site before dawn.
George Nicholas, Caribbean Airlines chairman, told reporters that officials with the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board are scheduled to arrive Sunday in Guyana to take over the investigation. He said investigators from Guyana and Trinidad, the airline's base, will help. He said the airline is arranging for counselors to meet with passengers.
Authorities temporarily closed the Guyana airport, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded and delaying dozens of flights. The main terminal reopened late Saturday morning to only a couple of small planes, including a LIAT airline bound for Barbados, said Orin Walton, a local representative for the Antigua-based carrier.
The crash of Flight 523 is the worst in recent history in Guyana, and only one of the few serious incidents involving the Trinidad-based airline. It is the single largest carrier in the region, operating at least five daily flights.
Associated Press Writer Tony Fraser in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad contributed to this report.

Read more:,8599,2086024,00.html#ixzz1TdLpCRhC

Twin terror attacks shock Norway

Published on: Friday, July 22, 2011 // , ,

   Norway has been hit by twin attacks - a massive bomb blast in the capital and a shooting attack on young people at a governing Labour Party youth camp.

At least seven people were killed in the bombing, which inflicted huge damage on government buildings in Oslo.
At least 10 more died at the camp, on an island outside Oslo, police say. One witness said he had seen 20 bodies.
The suspected gunman was arrested at the camp and the government have confirmed that he is Norwegian.
Police have said that he is also linked with the bomb attack. Reports described him as tall and blond.
Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, whose Oslo offices were among those damaged by the bomb, described the attacks as "bloody and cowardly" in a news conference.
He said that Norway had been "shaken by evil" but that Norwegian democracy and ideals would not be destroyed.
"We are a small nation and a proud nation. No-one will bomb us to silence no-one will shoot us to silence," he said.
Norwegian media reports said the shootings at the island, on the Tyrifjorden lake, were carried out by a man in police uniform.
Several people from the island camp are still missing, government officials said. Police also confirmed that undetonated explosives were found on the island.
No group has said it carried out the attacks.
Car wreckage
In Oslo, rubble and glass from shattered windows littered the streets and smoke from the fires drifting across the city could be seen in television footage from the devastated government quarter.
Hours after the bomb struck, officials said some people were still inside the damaged buildings, some of which were on fire.

All roads into the city centre have been closed, said national broadcaster NRK, as security officials evacuated people from the area, fearing another blast.
Government officials urged people to stay at home and avoid central areas of Oslo.
Earlier Egil Vrekke, Assistant Chief Constable of Oslo police told the BBC the rescue operation in Oslo was ongoing.
"We are issuing warnings just [to] make sure people are not in the area in case there are further explosions," he told the BBC.
"We have cordoned off large areas. There are bomb experts at the scene investigating whether there are other devices in the area."
A few hours after the explosion, a gunman opened fire at a camp in Utoeya for young members of the Labour Party.
NRK journalist Ole Torp said there were reports the gunman had been armed with a handgun, an automatic weapon and a shotgun.
"He travelled on the ferry boat from the mainland over to that little inland island posing as a police officer, saying he was there to do research in connection with the bomb blasts," he told the BBC.

"He asked people to gather round and then he started shooting, so these young people fled into the bushes and woods and some even swam off the island to get to safety."
Mr Stoltenberg had been due to visit the camp on Saturday. Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store, who visited the camp on Thursday, praised those who were attending.
"The country has no finer youth than young people who go for a summer camp doing politics, doing discussions, doing training, doing football, and then they experience this absolutely horrendous act of violence."
'Focus on rescue'
State Secretary Kristian Amundsen said Friday was a public holiday in Norway so the government offices were not as busy as they might usually have been.
"But there are many hundreds of people in these buildings every day," he told the BBC.
"We have to focus on the rescue operation - there are still people in the building, there are still people in the hospital."

Reuters said the oil ministry was among the other government buildings hit, while NRK journalist Ingunn Andersen said the headquarters of tabloid newspaper VG were also damaged.
"It's complete chaos here. The windows are blown out in all the buildings close by," she told AP.
Oistein Mjarum, head of communications for the Norwegian Red Cross, which has offices nearby, said the blast could be heard across Oslo.
"We have never had a terrorist attack like this in Norway - if that's what it is - but of course this has been a great fear for all Norwegians when they have seen what has been happening around the world."
The United States has condemned the "despicable acts of violence" in Oslo, while the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, said he was "deeply shocked" by "these acts of cowardice for which there is no justification".

Three blasts rock Mumbai, CM Chavan says 21 dead, 113 injured

Published on: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 // ,
MUMBAI: Three near-simultaneous explosions rocked Mumbai at rush-hour on Wednesday, killing at least 21 people in what the government said appeared to be another terrorist strike in the city hit by a major attack nearly three years ago. 

Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan said the latest attack killed 20 people, and home minister P Chidambaram said the toll was likely to rise. 

Television footage showed dozens of police officials, several of them armed, at the sites of the explosion and at least one car with its windows shattered. A photograph showed victims of a blast at the Zaveri Bazaar crowding into the back of a cargo truck to be taken to a hospital. 

Because of the close timing of the string of explosions, ``we infer that this was a coordinated attack by terrorists,'' home minister Palaniappan Chidambaram said. 

One blast hit the crowded neighborhood of Dadar in central Mumbai. The others were at the Zaveri Bazaar, which is a famed jewelry market, and the busy business district of Opera House, both in southern Mumbai and several miles (kilometers) apart, police said. 

All three blasts happened from 6:50pm. to 7pm., when all the neighborhoods would have been packed with office workers and commuters. 

The 2008 attack killed 166 people and was blamed on Pakistan-based militant groups. Tensions escalated between the countries and peace talks were suspended. The talks recently resumed. 

Soon after Wednesday's blasts were reported, Pakistan's government expressed distress on the loss of lives and injuries. 

The blasts would mark the first major attack on Mumbai since the November 2008 violence, when 10 terrorists laid siege to the city for 60 hours, targeting two luxury hotels, a Jewish center and a busy train station. There was no immediate indication that Wednesday's blasts were part of a prolonged siege. 

Mumbai has been on edge since then. In December, authorities deployed extra police on city streets after receiving intelligence that a Pakistan-based militant group was planning an attack over New Year's weekend. Police conducted house-to-house searches in some neighborhoods for four men who authorities believe entered the city to carry out a terrorist attack, and computer-aided photographs of the four suspects were released. 

In March 2010, Mumbai police said they prevented a major terrorist strike after they arrested two Indian men, who, police said, were preparing to hit several targets in the city. Then in September, police issued a terror alert for the city during a popular Hindu festival. 

बाढीका कारण १३० घरपरिवार विस्तापितMonsoon havoc displaces 130 Sunsari families

Published on: Friday, July 1, 2011 // , ,

ITAHARI: Rain-fed rivers continue to wreak havoc in Sunsari district, causing displacement of hundreds of people. 

As a swollen Sunsari river gushed into Bhokraha and Inaruwa yesterday, some 130 households fled to safety. 

Now, they are taking shelter at the local Gyanodaya Primary School, according to police.

Incessant rains have inundated most of the houses in ward numbers 6, 7 and 9 of the municipality, while a rain-swollen Tengra, after breaching a dyke, has swept away a house belonging to a squatter’s family and caused damage to several houses. 

Nepali Army personnel, police personnel and local peole repaired the dyke after four hours of effort. 

In Itahari 5, the Sukumari stream has inundated most of the houses, while several houses have gone under water in ward numbers 1, 4, 6 and 8.

The monsoon havoc has also affected the operation of most of the industries based in Duhabi, Sonapur and Khanar along the Sunsari-Morang corridor. 

With the Sonapur section of the Koshi highway waterlogged, vehicular movement has been affected. 

At least 10 people were injured, three critically, when police rained batons on the people of Duhabi-4, who were enforcing a chakkajam demanding that authorities build a drainage system to protect their homes from floods. 

The critically injured — Gafar Miyan, Sanjit Rauniuyar and Ramkrishna Dev — have been taken to Biratnagar for treatment. 

Incessant rains have also affected Pakali, Madhesha, Singiya, Bharail and Baklauri of Sunsari.

Winter weather causes travel chaos in Europe

Published on: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 // , , , , , , , , ,
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