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बाढीका कारण १३० घरपरिवार विस्तापितMonsoon havoc displaces 130 Sunsari families

Published on: Friday, July 1, 2011 // , ,

ITAHARI: Rain-fed rivers continue to wreak havoc in Sunsari district, causing displacement of hundreds of people. 

As a swollen Sunsari river gushed into Bhokraha and Inaruwa yesterday, some 130 households fled to safety. 

Now, they are taking shelter at the local Gyanodaya Primary School, according to police.

Incessant rains have inundated most of the houses in ward numbers 6, 7 and 9 of the municipality, while a rain-swollen Tengra, after breaching a dyke, has swept away a house belonging to a squatter’s family and caused damage to several houses. 

Nepali Army personnel, police personnel and local peole repaired the dyke after four hours of effort. 

In Itahari 5, the Sukumari stream has inundated most of the houses, while several houses have gone under water in ward numbers 1, 4, 6 and 8.

The monsoon havoc has also affected the operation of most of the industries based in Duhabi, Sonapur and Khanar along the Sunsari-Morang corridor. 

With the Sonapur section of the Koshi highway waterlogged, vehicular movement has been affected. 

At least 10 people were injured, three critically, when police rained batons on the people of Duhabi-4, who were enforcing a chakkajam demanding that authorities build a drainage system to protect their homes from floods. 

The critically injured — Gafar Miyan, Sanjit Rauniuyar and Ramkrishna Dev — have been taken to Biratnagar for treatment. 

Incessant rains have also affected Pakali, Madhesha, Singiya, Bharail and Baklauri of Sunsari.

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