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How to Install and fix Blogger Premium News template Basnetg Big News for Blogger

Published on: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 // , ,

Demo and Download  Here

How to install Basnetg Big News template for Blogger

  1. Download the template .
  2. Upload template to blogger .
  3. To change Logo or Site Name:
  4.  Find the code:  
         <div class='header'
       <h1><a href=''>Big News Times</a></h1>        <h2>Basnetg</h2> 
5. Then change to your Site name and logo with Big News Times and Basnetg that I highlighted with black.

6. To add your 468x60 ads on right site of header find this code
     <div class='bannertop'>            <a href=''><img alt=' - Premium WordPress Themes' border='0' src=''/></a>                   </div>
Here I've used banner ads with image link but if you would like to add google adsense then put your adsense code i.e. parsed adsense code within

 <div class='bannertop'>            your adsense code goes here            </div>

it means replace your 468x60 adsense code with 

<a href=''><img alt=' - Premium WordPress Themes' border='0' src=''/></a> 
8. Change top top right links
<div class='toplinks'><a href=''>Login</a> | <a href=''>Contact</a></div>
change all black link and name for your.

9.Now make search box to search for your site content.To do this find this code:

<div class='topsearch'>
            Now you will find code like below:

<div class='topsearch'>
            <form action='' method='get'>
Now change your blog url in above code <form action='your-blog-url' method='get'>

10. To change menu links and name find this code:

<div class='menu'> 

and change all the menu link url and name to your.

11. To edit sidebar find the code below and edit what you need to edit

<ul class='sidebar'>

12. to fix label find this code

label1 = "news";Title1 = "WORLD NEWS";

change all label name within inverted comas, to your content labels

there are 12 labels and  titles

Happy blogging!
Please feel free to share your opinion , make comment and share idea, 

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